The Beggar’s Perspective

Its been years since I last wrote, just felt that I needed to get this out of my head, so here we go.

Have you ever walked away from a beggar asking for money? I am sure most of us have done it more than once without taking a second guess/look on why they were begging in the first place.

The world shuns beggars.

Generally, due to the fact that many are not actually needing the money for useful purposes. More than one want to use it for an ulterior motive and use very sad means to beg (no legs, no hands, too old). There are also many syndicates present who use our kindness as a tool to run their business. The society thinks we should not encourage them by giving them money to carry out their deeds.

However, I beg to differ.

We only see deceit in others, when we have deceit in ourselves.

Think of it this way. Out of a billion people in the world, this particular beggar encounters you to ask for money and needs your help to satisfy their needs. Most people will say no thinking they maybe lying but have they ever thought that when helping them, one might be fulfilling their karmic cycle? As I said earlier, there could have been a billion people they asked from, but why you? The beggar might really be needing the money, maybe for themselves or their families.

When you help others, you ultimately help yourself.

If you shun the approach, you might risk the beggar developing negative feelings for you which might be detrimental for you. After all, this world is entirely about positive and negative energies, right?

At the end of the day, you are fulfilling a dire need. It is never easy to beg, no matter what you think or the approach the beggar takes. Try your best to fulfill that need with no self praise or the enlargement of your ego, and someday you will be rewarded.

Always be kind.

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Well, that is all for today. See ya guys next time and remember, always choose kindness!



Hello everyone. So, I have not written anything for more than two years but it feels good to be back. Today’s topic is a little bit on my childhood and how different it is compared to present time. It has been on my mind for a long time and I always wanted to write about it. Fortunately, today I got around to finish this post and I hope it reaches out to the many parents and future parents alike.

Flashback 15 years ago…

It was late (probably past 7pm in the evening).

I was counting. This is the third time my mom has shouted at me to get back home. This time, the shouts were louder than before. I was completely ignoring her. In my mind, I knew I was going to get a spanking once I get home but all I could think of at that moment was the ball at my feet and the goal in front of me.

Nothing else mattered.

The adrenaline rush, the joy the friendships. The sound of a shot being taken, the screams of a teammate asking for the ball, the goal post rattling. The pitch full of young boys, eager to show their skills.

Ah, those memories were beautiful…

I went back home that day, got a good scolding from my parents but the very next day I was out there past my curfew all over again. That was the joy of a 10 year old. My dream, my happiness. The glory of football.

Oh, how things have changed.

Fast forward today…


The pitch is empty, almost lifeless. A complete opposite of its past glory.

No sounds of kids playing, no shouts from parents, everything has just stopped dead on its tracks. There was a time when this field was full with small boys and young men no matter their age and race. Today, it is empty, lost. Kids have stopped coming out to play. The only question running in my head was..

“What will the children of today remember about their childhood when they grow up?”

And then it hit me.

The future generation will not have any memory of a good childhood. They will never be able to experience what I have experienced. The sheer happiness. That part of their life will be empty and as a result, they might resent their parents for it once they are older.

The purpose of this post today is to tell many parents or parents to be out there that your children will not remember the 10 hours they studied during the day, the number of tuitions they attended or even the amount of time spent watching the TV. They will remember the times when they beat a tough opponent, cried because of a loss, laughed with their childhood friends and had the time of their life, playing the game that they love. I want to stress that education is important but it is not everything.

Your child is not a robot.

STOP sending your children to countless amounts of tuitions just because you have no time for them. STOP over-working and spend some time with your kids. Be a responsible parent.

Let your kids have their own free time and let your kids out to play.

That is all for today. Have a nice day. =)


     Ever juggled a football? Or juggled anything of some sort? At one point, you would miss a move and no matter how many the count is, you would have to start from zero again. Friendship if not deep enough, is the same.

Before the lot of you start thinking that I am going to write about all the negative sides of friendship, I am sorry to say but today it is not about that. Actually, I got the inspiration to write this after a friend in college showed me a photo of an old friend. You see, back in school I held a top post in a student organisation. The teachers held me in high regard and they always expected the best from me. However, one unfortunate day, I forgot my history text book back at home. Mind you, my history teacher was my discipline teacher, and also the head of my student organisation. When I found out that I forgot my book, I went crazy as I would get punished in front of all the students.

Coming back to my old friend, he was a chubby guy and he sat beside me. He was one of the mischievous boys in our class. He saw me frantically searching for my book and he knew I had left it back at home. He told me, “Eh Manesh ah, you take my book lah, I go take the caning for you.” and I was like why? He told me this, “Aiya small matter for me la. Teacher all no like me one, you kena cane wait malu la.” So, he gave me his book and went to receive the punishment for me. The funny thing is, it did not really matter much to me until I saw his photo the other day. It got me reminiscing about the memories and friends I had in school. How beautiful and stress free it was.

This memory taught me one very important thing. When you juggle a football, at some point you are going to lose control and the only way you can still keep that ball in the air is to pass it to a friend to continue the juggle. Same goes to our lives. We are not able to carry everything on our shoulders. We are bound to make mistakes no matter how good we are. We will always need our friends to help us along the way. As a counclusion, always do good and make new friends no matter where you are.

    That is all for today’s post. Have a nice day everyone.



Hello everyone. Its been more than a week since I wrote anything. I have been busy with tests and assignments so I never got the time. I’m still new to blog writing and thus,still getting the hang of it. Today, I would like to highlight on an important social issue.

“Bro, look at that chick, she is so hot, so sexy.”or “Look at her shoes, they are so pretty, I wish I had those shoes” or even this, “wow, look at her nose, it is so sharp, I wish I had her nose.” How many times have we heard these phrases in our life? I mean we hear this everyday. We see it everyday. Just take a look at our Instagram photos. The Indians are filtering themselves to look fairer and the Chinese are making themselves appear thinner. Who even invented filter? I mean why should we even filter ourselves to look better? Aren’t we already amazing the way we are?

Just imagine, instead of beauty and looks, we admire intelligence and passion. “Gosh look at that boy, he managed to invent (insert something cool).” If we put intelligence and passion first, half of the world’s problems can be solved, but sadly no one talks about innovations, and not even a single word about creativity. How are we going to progress in life if all we care about is how we look? With so much hype on western movies, the influence of k-pop, and the mind set of our community, things are going to get from bad to worse.

        Before i end, i urge all of you to improve your mind set. Be contented with who you are and how you look and focus on much more important things in life. Alright, its time for me to have my dinner. Take care guys. Bye-bye.







Has anyone thought for once that to achieve their dreams, we need to help others achieve theirs? Isn’t life supposed to be that way? that we are all together and each and every human has a connection to each other? Why the selfishness if every person’s dream is different from the other? Isn’t it better if we help each other? Hmm. Saturday thoughts.